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NBA Power Rankings, Week 8: Nuggets A Top-Five Team In The West

The latest SB Nation NBA Power Rankings have arrived, and the Denver Nuggets are now a top-five team in the Western Conference. This week's presenter, Mike Payne, finds that the Nuggets had an encouraging week despite the loss to the San Antonio Spurs (not noted, though, is the "charge" that stopped the Nuggets from winning that game). Ty Lawson filled in for the injured Chauncey Billups (wrist) and average 18 points and seven assists over three games.


Hey, it wasn't about possible doom and gloom in Denver should Carmelo Anthony be traded! That's a step up, since there's always been that nagging question put out by the power rankings presenters.


The Nuggets swapped places with the Christmas Day opponent, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Positions seven through 11 stayed the same, but the Blake Griffin Show, I mean the Los Angeles Clippers, improved two spots to No. 12.


To absolutely no one's surprise, the San Antonio Spurs, currently on a nine-game win streak, remained the No. 1 team in the Western Conference. They will play the Nuggets on Wednesday night in San Antonio.