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George Karl: Kenyon Martin 'Has Chance' To Play On Wednesday

The Denver Post’s Benjamin Hochman reports that George Karl believes several injured players may be able to play in Wednesday’s upcoming game against the San Antonio Spurs. Those three players are point guard Chauncey Billups and forwards Chris Andersen and Kenyon Martin. However, Karl makes it sound as though only Billups has an actual chance at playing on Wednesday.

Billups has been out for the last three games, giving Ty Lawson the starting gig temporarily. Lawson has averaged 18.0 points and 7.3 assists over that span.

Chris Andersen has missed the last eight games with a back injury.

Kenyon Martin has missed the entire season so far, recovering from knee surgery. The Nuggets will need his (and Andersen’s) presence around the backboards to grab rebounds, something Kevin Love showed immense skill at last night against the team.

When Andersn and Martin return over the next week or two, Shelden Williams will experience further cuts into his playing time. Williams will no longer start if Martin goes without a setback.