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VIDEO: Nuggets' J.R. Smith With Possible Dunk Of The Year

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At the close of the first quarter between the Denver Nuggets and the San Antonio Spurs, J.R. Smith accomplished a dunk that will be on the highlight reels tonight and should be considered for dunk of the year:

Smith starts with the ball in the backcourt, but then drives it up the court by himself. When he reaches the three-point arc he moves past a Spurs defender and takes off into the air shortly after reaching the free-throw line. Once he rises in the air, the Spurs' Gary Neal is unable to anything but take to the ground.

Is it better than the Chauncey Billups to JR Smith for the 360 alley-oop from last season? At half court, Billups tosses the ball toward the net while Smith gets the ball mid air and then does a complete 360 spin to finish off the alley-oop.

I'll go with tonight's since Smith just crushed Neal on that dunk.