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Denver Post: Denver Nuggets Forward Carmelo Anthony 'Likely To Play'

Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post is reporting that Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony is likely to play tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Melo participated fully in the morning shoot around leading Hochman to write

Nuggets coach George Karl is confident that Anthony will play tonight.

Questions had been raised about Anthony's availability after he played just three minutes in Sunday's victory over the Phoenix Suns because of flu like symptoms.

Having not practiced on Monday and practicing Tuesday is a long sleeve hoodie to keep warm, Anthony still considers himself as a game-time decision for tonight's game.

When asked about the possibility of taking an IV before this game, Anthony told Chris Dempsey of the Post

"I took two IV's before the game the other day but I don't think that seemed to work at all," Anthony said. "I don't know. I'm going to keep fighting, try to get through it."