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Top Five December Games At The Pepsi Center

December is upon us and the Pepsi Center is the place to be to finish out 2010. With the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche hosting a combined 14 home games this month, there is plenty of home cooking to be had at 1000 Chopper Circle.

Hopefully you can catch all the action this month, but if you had to choose, listed below are the top five games taking place at the Pepsi Center this month.

5. Toronto Rock vs Colorado Mammoth - Saturday, December 4 (Preseason)

This one might not make everyone's list, but this preseason game signifies the return of the National Lacrosse League after a long offseason for NLL fans. This is also marks the only time this month that the Mammoth are in town, so if you want your indoor lacrosse fix, this is your only hope until after the New Year.

4. Los Angles Clippers vs Denver Nuggets - Friday, December 5

The Clippers are horrible. Their 3-15 record should indicate that. But there are certain players in the league worth the price of admission and Clipper forward Blake Griffin is one of them. Besides playing the game with the intensity and passion that all pros should exhibit - but don't - Griffin is a highlight reel waiting to happen. As long as he is on the court, at no point should you consider getting out of your seat to grab a beer or popcorn, he is just that special of a player. Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Nene and company should expect a win while praying they don't end up posterized by the rookie.

3. Chicago Blackhawks vs Colorado Avalanche - Monday, December 13

The defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks return to the ice where their season started with a 4-3 loss to the Avs on a Paul Stastny overtime goal. This game will also be the first of two over a three-night span for the teams, which then play Dec. 15 in Chicago. And if playing the defending champions in back-to-back games isn't enough, this match-up will mark the first home game for the Avs after a grueling two-week roadie, so look for the team and the crowd to be ramped up.

2. San Antonio Spurs vs. Denver Nuggets - Thursday, December 16

The San Antonio Spurs are currently ranked first in the SB Nation NBA Power Rankings in the Western Conference. The Nuggets sit seventh in the same poll. This means that a few wins or losses by either team and this is your potential first round NBA Playoff match-up. So besides heading down to The Can to see future hall of famer Tim Duncan and his newly single teammate Tony Parker, you can do a little scouting for Arron Afflalo and the guys while you're at it. Or who knows, try and tape some of the action, I hear there is an opening for a Director of Video Operations with the Denver Broncos.

1. Disney On Ice - Let's Celebrate! December 9 through 12
1. Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche - Monday, December 27

Wings. Avs. Two days after Christmas. Uhhhh, yes please. One of the most heated rivalries in the NHL returns to the Pepsi Center for a late December meeting. This season the two teams have split their series 1-1 and only twice in the past three seasons has a game between the two NOT been a one goal affair. Expect Milan Hejduk, Adam Foote and the Avs to be fully rested after a four day holiday break, while the Wings will be playing in the second night of a back-to-back. And if that isn't enough, as SB Nation Denver writer Matthew Muzia put it, this game allows fans an opportunity to *BOO* everytime Todd Bertuzzi touches the puck. So see you there?

One last programming note, for those out there who enjoy the musical stylings of Widespread Panic, the Athens, GA group will be rocking the Pepsi Center to ring in the New Year, Dec. 30-31. If you are Wondering to the show with Junior, take a Vacation with a Tallboy and some Ribs and Whiskey and You Should Be Glad.