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Nuggets Vs. Warriors: Golden State Enters Halftime With 52-51 Lead Over Denver

Golden State’s Monta Ellis hit a three-point shot at the buzzer to put the Warriors up 52-51 at halftime over the Denver Nuggets. But for Nuggets fans, they finally saw Chris “Birdman” Andersen make his return to the court. In 10 minutes off the bench, Andersen scored three points and grabbed two boards. Carmelo Anthony leads all scorers with 17 points (he has five rebounds and three assists, as well).

Arron Afflalo is the only other start for the Nuggets to score in double digits, putting up 10 points. Ty Lawson, Nene and Shelden Williams each contributed two points. Al Harrington has 11 points off the bench.

For Golden State, Ellis has 13 points, three rebounds and two assists. Point guard Stephen Curry has 11 points, three rebounds, two assists and two steals.

Denver has allowed nine points off 10 turnovers, while Golden State has allowed only two points on five turnovers.