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After Colorado Rapids Win Championship, Nuggets & Rockies Need To Be Next

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The state of Colorado finally has its long-awaited championship! It's just not from the team anyone would have expected. The Colorado Rapids, who last played for the MLS Cup in 1997, ended a 13-year drought in 2010 and defeated FC Dallas, 2-1, in extra time on Sunday night for the MLS Cup.


The Colorado Rockies and the Denver Nuggets are now on notice: If the oft-forgotten Rapids can win a championship, so can they. Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups: You two may have only one shot at delivering Denver an NBA championship, so it's time to deliver. Troy Tulowitzki, Carlos Gonzalez, Ubaldo Jimenez: You guys have the talent and the drive to win a World Series, but you need keep the team focused. And don't you want Todd Helton to exult in a World Series victory for his long, mostly-glorious career?


The clocks are ticking for the Nuggets and the Rockies, but they won't do so forever. Join your fellow Rapids and deliver those highly anticipated championships, guys!