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NBA Teams Willing To Trade For Carmelo Anthony Without Contract Extension?

One of the basic understandings for the Denver Nuggets to trade Carmelo Anthony, that he signs an extension, may not hold true for some teams.'s Marc Stein reports that several NBA general managers would be willing to take the risk of trading for Melo and then watching him walk in July:

A handful of team executives consulted this week by believe there are more than a few teams in circulation that would be willing to trade for Melo without getting his name on an extension, even though the risk of losing Anthony without compensation in July is precisely why countless league observers believe the Nuggets will eventually have to give in and give him up.

Stein goes on to suggest Dallas and Houston as two teams that might be willing to make a deal without Melo signing his extension; however, any trade would likely still involve another team or two to complete the swap.

However, Melo's extension continues to stay on the table and he can sign it any time he wants to do so. We keep hearing how Melo wants to leave, but so much can change over the next three months before the trade deadline and then before July when he becomes a free agent. In the end, Nuggets fans should keep faith in the belief that Melo will see that he has the best chance of winning by staying in Denver.