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Lakers Vs. Nuggets: Los Angeles Leads By Five Over Denver, 64-59

The Los Angeles Lakers are half way to a 9-0 start by leading the Denver Nuggets, 64-59, at halftime. The Lakers’ Ron Artest has had the best first half, scoring 14 points, pulling down four boards, dishing out two assists, blocking two shots and stealing a ball. Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol have been beasts around the boards, pulling down 10 rebounds and eight rebounds, respectively. Kobe Bryant has 13 points and three assists.

Carmelo Anthony leads the Denver Nuggets with 15 points and seven rebounds. Nene has added 12 points and five rebounds. At one point, the Nuggets had regained the lead from the Lakers, but over the last few minutes of the second quarter the Lakers took control of the court again.