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Report: Nuggets Still Shopping Carmelo Anthony, But Are They Asking Too Much?

Ken Berger of reports that the Denver Nuggets are still shopping all star forward Carmelo Anthony but that the team might be asking too steep a price in return.

The Nuggets continue to aggressively seek trade proposals for Carmelo Anthony, but are finding the market to be limited based on the extensive haul of assets they are trying to get in return, multiple sources told

The challenge for the Nuggets, sources say, has been finding a replacement for Andrei Kirilenko in a multi-team deal that in all likelihood would still have Anthony going to New Jersey. Even after a four-team deal also involving Utah and Charlotte went dormant last week, the Nets are “still the team that has the assets and is the most motivated,” according to one person connected to the talks. But while the Nuggets remain “very actively” engaged in trade talks during what one source described as “the calm before the storm,” finding trade partners able to furnish what Denver is looking for — an established player, a young player, first-round picks, and cap relief — has proved to be a major challenge.