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2010-11 SB Nation Denver Nuggets Preview

Mike Prada from SB Nation has compiled Nuggets expertise and opinions from Roundball Mining CompanyNugg Doctor, and our own Denver Stiffs to put together the Nuggets 2010-11 season preview. 

Here's the predictions from Mike and the three bloggers:As currently constructed, the Nuggets aren't that far off. The core of the team that made the West Finals is still there, and last season didn't go off the rails until Karl got sick. Harrington is a bit of a ball-stopper, but he's a major upgrade on their bench too. Backup point guard Ty Lawson is a year older, which should account for any drop-off in Billups' game. If there weren't chemistry issues, I'd say Denver is a darkhorse.

Alas, there are, which makes predicting a record tough. Here's what the bloggers came up with.

Denver Stiffs: 47-35 with Anthony, less without
Roundball Mining Company: 40-42
Nugg Doctor: 50-32 with Anthony, 30-52 without.

I'll split the difference and say 43-39. This assumes Anthony is traded sometime during the season.

Head on over and check it out.