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Knicks Not Yet Out Of The Carmelo Anthony Hunt is reporting that the New York Knicks, an afterthought in the Carmelo Anthony trade talks because of their lack of coveted assets, have made progress over the past week in putting together a package that would enable New York to make a play for Anthony.

The offers the Knicks have proposed have always centered around packages including Anthony Randolph, the expiring contract of Eddy Curry and a first-round draft pick they would acquire from a third team, and New York has softened its stance on including forward Danilo Gallinari in a trade.

The most recent obstacle, according to the source, was for the Knicks to use one of those assets, likely Randolph or Gallinari, to acquire a player from a third team that the Nuggets value more highly than either of the Knicks forwards. The source said that obstacle can now be overcome, with the Knicks confident they can get their hands on a player the Nuggets would prefer.

Sources told ESPN that talks with New Jersey  may be weakening a bit as the Nets are growing less interested in including rookie Derrick Favors as a part of the package, a piece that would most likely be necessary for a deal between New Jersey and Denver to be made.