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Denver Cutthroats Open Doors, Embrace Fans

The Denver Cutthroats opened the Coliseum doors to the community on Saturday, giving hockey fans a sneak peak at what's to come in the team's inaugural season.

Denver, CO. August 25, 2012. Cutthroats Open House at the Denver Coliseum.
Denver, CO. August 25, 2012. Cutthroats Open House at the Denver Coliseum.

On Saturday, August 25, 2012, the people of Denver got their first look at the new home of the Denver Cutthroats. The jumbotron glowed with the Fish logo as skaters of all ages—including a few players and members of the front office staff—circled below. Team account executives were on hand to help season ticket holders secure their seats and answer questions about what to expect come October. Tables were set up around the concourse with snazzy new merchandise for sale, and excited chatter echoed through the halls as the Coliseum welcomed back hockey.

Owner John Hayes said this day was an important part of increasing awareness of the team. "One of the reasons we're having an event like this is to get the word out. We're trying to build a brand," he said. But more than that, the day was about reaching out to the fans to make connections. "A big part of what we're trying to do," he continued," is the community outreach, allowing our players to skate with the youth associations and help grow that hockey base because when that hockey base is growing, it's good for all of us."

Fan Caleb Achenbach agrees. "Any more hockey in Denver is always a good thing," he said. He and Jen Fabig came to the arena to support the Cutthroats and pick up some merchandise, and while both said they'd attend games regardless of what happens with the NHL, Caleb acknowledged a lockout would give him even more reason to come.

Evans brothers, Jacob and Brian were eager about the upcoming Cutthroats season. Hockey players themselves, the boys had smiles on their faces as they took in all of the sights and sounds. "It's kind of huge, and it's really awesome here," said Jacob. Brian said he's happy about the Cutthroats coming to town because "they might play better than the Avs." With the solid roster the team is building (and the potential NHL lockout looming), Brian juts may be right!

Assistant General Manager and Director of Hockey Operations Brent Cullaton really emphasized that this day was about showing the fans the type of organization they have in the Cutthroats. "(We want to) get in the community so they can see we're trying to do things the right way and put something out there they'll be proud of," he commented. Community outreach goes beyond bringing the people to the arena, though. The team plans to get involved in as many outreach programs as they can, creating the opportunity to give back to the roots of hockey in the Denver area.

The season begins on October 19th. Season ticket packages are on sale now starting at $499, and can be purchased by calling (303) 295-FISH (3474). The most up-to-date information can be found at