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NFL Picks, Week 3: Texans Picked To Stay Perfect With Win Over Broncos

As is always the case when the Denver Broncos play now, the spotlight is on Peyton Manning, but it is the team on the other sideline that should be getting the attention. Even Peter King can't stop talking about Manning, but eventually he gets around to the 2-0 Houston Texans and says that the pass rush should be enough to propel the visitors to a win on Sunday.

[Manning] needs to use his tight ends on shorter throws and be a chain-mover, not a mad bomber. Even if he does that in this game, the pressure he'll face from the Texans -- from Connor Barwin, Brooks Read and J.J. Watt, mostly -- will be more than enough to throw him off his game.

The Texans have made minced meat of Florida so far this season, beating the Dolphins and Jaguars handily, but the Broncos are their first real test. The Houston pass rush that King notes has six sacks on the year, which is good, but not outstanding.

What will be more interesting is the Texans' attempts to run the ball. They are off to a good start on the ground, averaging 150 yards rushing per game, but the Broncos defense is allowing just 2.6 yards per rush this year.

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