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Denver Broncos Vs. Atlanta Falcons: Demaryius Thomas Catches Touchdown (Gives Denver A Chance?)

In the third quarter, the Denver Broncos are falling to the Atlanta Falcons and haven't had all that much to say on the offensive side of the ball. They're losing the turnover margin 4-0 and haven't put together many sustained drives. The highlight of the Broncos' offense so far was Demaryius Thomas's touchdown grab right at the end of the half. Peyton Manning took a chance on third down and 17, tossing a ball to Thomas at the sideline in the end zone.

Thomas managed to not only make the catch, but touch his toe to the ground while keeping the ball away from Dunta Robinson. It was originally called out by the referees, but a review showed it to be a good touchdown and Denver's first scoring play of the night.


Denver is down 27-7 at the end of the third quarter. If they can string together a few more plays like that touchdown, they might just have a chance at getting back into it.

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