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Broncos Vs. Falcons: Atlanta Offense 'Can Do It All,' Says Elvis Dumervil

The Atlanta Falcons offense was clicking last Sunday in their opener, and they've done enough to impress defensive end Elvis Dumervil. When speaking about the task of defending the Atlanta offense, Dumervil had the following to say on Thursday:

They can do it all. They can run, throw the ball, throw screens, slow down the rush. They do a variety of different things. They’re a well-coached team.

Peyton Manning chimed in with some comments about the quarterback that will be opposing him on Monday, Atlanta's Matt Ryan:

He’s a big, strong quarterback with a big-time arm and he’s really got some great weapons that he takes advantage of with tight end Tony Gonzalez and their two receivers. We know that our defense is in for a tough test.

The Falcons didn't run the ball very often in their opener, gaining only 84 total yards on the ground. They'll be a big challenge though, as Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and the rest of the Falcons passing game should give just about every opponent they face this season some serious matchup problems.

The Broncos will face the Falcons on Monday Night Football in Atlanta. They game is scheduled to kick off at 6:20 p.m. MT and will be aired by ESPN.

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