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Week 2 NFL Picks, Broncos Vs. Falcons: Experts Like Atlanta Over Denver

Coming up to Denver's game against the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night, experts around the NFL seem to be split on who they think will escape the Georgia Dome with a win. The Falcons have the edge according to most of the expert picks around the Web, but the Broncos are getting their fair share. Both teams had big wins in Week 1, with Denver beating the Pittsburgh Steelers and Atlanta taking down the Kansas City Chiefs.

The CBS expert panel was split on the game, with five of them picking the Broncos and four of them picking the Falcons. The Broncos got the benefit of getting the human expert picks as well, one of the Falcon picks came from the CBS 'prediction machine'.

The much larger ESPN expert panel had more of a Falcons tinge to it, but the experts were still split 9/5 on who would end up winning the game. Yahoo's panel was completely on the side of the Falcons, though the Yahoo userbase picked the Broncos.

These picks go in line with the odds that have been given for the game, where Denver is a three point underdog.

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