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NFL Injury Report: Broncos Lose Ty Warren To Elbow Injury

For the most part, the Denver Broncos kept a clean bill of health for themselves in their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Most importantly, Peyton Manning stayed upright for most of the game and was able to pick apart the Steeler defense as the team charged forward to a 31-19 opening weekend win. Manning's quarterback skills looked as sharp as they ever were with the Colts, with no sign that his lingering neck injury from the year before was still bothering him.

That said, the Broncos did get a minor setback when defensive lineman Ty Warren hurt his elbow. Warren was returning to football after three seasons missed with various injuries, including the entire 2011 season thanks to a torn triceps. Warren got only one tackle under his belt before hurting his elbow and being removed, and the Broncos have yet to release much more info on the injury.

Warren was the only major injury suffered by the Broncos all game, a good start to the season for them in that regard. Guard Chris Kuper was the only name on the injury report for them going into the Steelers game.

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