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Broncos Training Camp 2012: Peyton Manning Calls An Audible, 41,304 Fans Go Crazy

The Denver Broncos had their first live tackling of the 2012 training camp during Saturday's scrimmage, but with 41,304 in attendance, the first big cheers did not come from a crunching tackle, but a from an audible.

In the opening drive of the day for QB Peyton Manning, the electronic communication system between him and the coaches malfunctioned, so he called his own play and hit WR Eric Decker for a touchdown. Manning, however, was more impressed with Decker's catch than his own play calling:

"I thought (Eric) Decker's back-shoulder touchdown catch was awesome," Manning said of the play.

"It was excellent coverage by (Drayton) Florence, but Decker did a good job kind of holding his eyes until the last minute. Back-shoulder fades are a hard route to cover. That was something he and I had been working on, so it was good to kind of put that in play today."

The well-attended scrimmage put the Broncos training camp attendance at over 70,000 for the season, setting a new franchise record for practice attendance with almost two weeks remaining.

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