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Broncos Vs. Cardinals Reaction: Jim Leonhard 'Sewed Up' A Roster Spot

Heading into the final preseason game, it was still anyone's guess who would earn the final roster spots at the defensive back position. With eight players competing for four final spots at the position, the performances in the final game of the preseason against the Cardinals were crucial for determining the final team.

According to Jeremy Bolander of Mile High Report, one player solidified his roster spot while another boosted his chances:

Overall, only Leonhard turned in consistently solid work on the evening, and he likely sewed up his roster spot. Out of the rest, inconsistency was the word of the day, however, several still managed to standout. Bolden struggled early but came on strong late, including capitalizing on his chances in the return game with a 103 yard TD return on a kickoff. He was 50-50 in coverage, but made some great plays on the positive side, and will need to work on anticipation on the negative side.

In his full 53-man roster prediction, Bolander placed both Jim Leonhard and Omar Bolden on the team.

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