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Broncos Defense Has 'A Lot Of Work To Do,' Says John Fox

Denver Broncos head coach John Fox shared that he's still not entirely satisfied where his defense is as a whole when complimented about the progress of his defensive line on Wednesday on The Dave Logan Show.

"Well like everyone out there we have room for improvement. I don't think as a coach you are satisfied. I like the progress we have made. I like our team and how they get along with each other. Jay Rodgers [defensive line coach]...we even had a change in coaches and I think he has done an outstanding job with that group and they are gelling and getting more confidence as we move along."

Fox did go on to say that the first team defense was "better" against San Francisco compared to the previous game and that his second stringers "responded perfectly" to some formations they hadn't seen much of. Still, Fox realizes that everyone, including the coaching staff, still needs to continue to make strides.

"As coaches we didn't help as much as we could have cause we don't game plan in this stage. All in all we've got a lot work to do and I'm sure the other 31 coaches in the league believe they have to do that with their teams."

While most of this is standard coach talk, it's encouraging to see that Fox isn't content with a few good performances by his starters. The second-year Broncos head coach realizes that he must have every one of his defenders fully prepared with the high injury rate of today's NFL.

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