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Denver Broncos Pass Rush: Derek Wolfe Added To Mix

The Broncos added rookie Derek Wolfe to the mix of their pass rushing attack, which could go a long way for this Denver team coming off a playoff run that followed with the offseason free agent signing of Peyton Manning.

As many remember, the Broncos' defense had its moments last season, especially when the offense struggled. The offense and defense alike are expected to be better in 2012, and Wolfe could have a hand in that on the defensive side of the ball.

Jack Del Rio had this to say to the Denver Post about the rookie defensive tackle who led the FBS with 21 tackles for loss last season:

"He really is slippery in the pass rush. He just has a knack of getting himself in there and getting to the spot. His motor is what you like to see. That can be a good matchup for us. And you're always looking for matchups."

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