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John Fox On Replacement Referees: 'They Were Wrong'

Count Denver Broncos head coach John Fox among those that aren't pleased with the NFL's replacement referees.

During Denver's preseason contest against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Fox challenged a play in which the 49ers recovered their own fumble.

Since such a play is not reviewable by a coach's challenge, Bruce Hermansen, head referee for the game, whacked Fox with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty -- when things continued to be a bit chaotic.

After contact with the NFL observer on site, Hermansen picked up the flag, but did not make an announcement that the penalty had been negated.

"They were wrong," Fox said. "I was actually challenging the spot. They recovered it, and last time I looked, if you're on offense and you get the ball back, that's not a turnover, so you can challenge that. I was actually challenging the spot. I don't know what they said."

Fox isn't the only coach or player to be upset with the replacement referees, as players all around the league have been griping about the officiating during the preseason.

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