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Peyton Manning Should Provide Easier Time For Broncos O-Line Than Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow was unpredictable on the field, which made him hard for some defenses to read but also hard for the O-Line in front of him to figure out where he was going in the passing game. Now that future hall of famer Peyton Manning is at the helm of quarterback, the O-Line should have a much easier time since Manning loves to work in the pocket.

It also means that the fortunes of the team are going to be a lot more focused on the big guys in front of Manning than they were last season:

Manning has not been sacked in his seven offensive series in the preseason, a testament to his ability to see the pressure and get rid of the ball to go with the effort up front to this point. Manning has been pressured in practice at times, especially when the first-team defense gets a chance and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio has turned up the heat.

Manning has prestige in the area of working with O-Lines, putting up MVP numbers numerous times despite having mediocre lines in Indianapolis during his career there. With an arguably more talented Broncos line than he ever had in Indy, Manning should have time to do his stuff in the pocket, where he works the best. Even if not, his keen ability to smartly get rid of the ball while under pressure should keep it easier than it was under Tebow for the men up front.

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