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Peyton Manning Having Trouble Throwing To His Right, According To ESPN

Completing passes to receivers on the right side of the field could be a struggle for new Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning this season, according to an ESPN report by Bill Williamson.

Williamson claims longtime ESPN football insider John Clayton along with Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. both noticed that Manning has "had issues throwing to the opposite side." Williamson shares that Clayton did go on to say that he's seen improvement from Manning in the area through two preseason games but still fears that the 36-year-old signal caller will have issues with any passes over 10 yards.

While this issue might be concerning to some, one has to believe that if anyone can make it work it's the four-time NFL MVP. An control freak when it comes to the x's and o's, Manning makes so many adjustments at the line that he naturally puts himself in the best position to succeed. The Scouts Inc. Williamson shares the same sentiment:

"If anyone can do what is needed to get away with throwing with field limitations, it is No. 18," Williamson said.

Additionally, Manning has been quite up front with the media in explaining that he still doesn't feel 100% back. And with the season opener not being until Sept. 9, Denver's 96-million dollar man still has a fair amount of time to work on getting the proper arm strength and confidence back to tear apart the portside of the field.

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