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Seahawks Vs. Broncos Halftime Score: Denver Leads Seattle, 10-9

The Denver Broncos put a field goal on the board at the end of the second quarter to take a 10-9 lead over the Seattle Seahawks at halftime. However, that was a frustrating scoring drive for the Broncos, as Jacob Tamme dropped a third-down pass that would have been a touchdown.

Peyton Manning played the entire first half and was 16-of-23 for 177 yards. He did throw two interceptions to blemish his night, and on each one the Steve Hauschka wound up kicking a 43-yard field goal. The Seahawks picked up their other field goal after recovering a Lance Ball fumble.

On the Broncos' second-quarter scoring drive, Manning ran the offense in a two-minute drill situation starting with 2:39 left in the half. Manning threw 11 straight passes and completed eight of them. Tamme, who dropped a potential touchdown, did put the team in position for that by picking up 13 yards on the previous pass.

Brandon Stokley is Manning's leading receiver with three catches for 41 yards.

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