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Peyton Manning Still Working Way Back From Injury, Says SI's Peter King

It's still early in camp, but Peyton Manning isn't 100 percent, reports Sports Illustrated's Peter King. In his latest Monday Morning Quarterback column, King discusses his Saturday visit to Dove Valley and his observations on Manning:

Manning can hear what people are saying about him and read what writers are writing about him. Peyton's back to normal. Look at him throw. Look at his command of the Denver offense. He's back.

"I hate it,'' Manning said.

Because he's not. He's not all the way back.

King goes on to mention that it's not the neck that's the issue for Manning; rather, it's a nerve issue that causes problems with his arm strength. Yes, Manning is accurate in his throws, but he's not sending deep bombs down the field.

Furthermore, King sees Manning increasing his accuracy but losing a bit on his yards per completion. That really might not be a bad thing, especially considering what we saw with Tim Tebow last year. And with Willis McGahee, Ronnie Hillman and the rest of the running back corps taking care of things on the ground, a different Manning won't be a bad thing.

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