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Andre Caldwell Expected To Challenge For More Time At WR

The Denver Broncos are expected to have both Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker as the team's starting wide receivers during the 2012 season, but Andre Caldwell could find himself taking some playing time away when the team stays in two-wide-receiver sets, speculates the Denver Post's Andre Caldwell.

Legwold bases this off the initial practice the team had on Thursday, which means we still have plenty of time for roles to settle. However, with Peyton Manning throw balls in Denver, Caldwell could be in line for his best season yet. Entering his fifth season, Caldwell has 124 career receptions for 1,172 yards and six touchdowns, all with the Cincinnati Bengals.

More than likely, Caldwell will be competing with Brandon Stokley for the No. 3 wide receiver slot. Stokley was a favorite target for Manning in Indianapolis, but the 36-year-old receiver has dealt with injuries over the last few seasons and did not play at all in the league during the 2011 season.

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