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Broncos And Peyton Manning Developing A Pitch Count-Type Plan For Training Camp

The Denver Broncos are heavily invested in veteran quarterback Peyton Manning for the 2012 season and beyond, so every precaution is being taken to make sure the future Hall of Fame QB isn't putting unnecessary stress on his surgically-repaired neck during practices. Manning's four neck surgeries and his lack of participation in training camps over the last two seasons has heightened the level of concern heading into this season, so the QB is already working with team trainers to develop a throwing schedule that might turn out to be something like the pitch count system that MLB teams use to protect elite pitchers.

The details of the plan are still being hammered out, but the Denver Post reports that both sides are trying to find a balance in the practice schedule:

Manning already has met with Broncos head trainer Steve Antonopulos to map out how much he will throw in training camp as well as formulate a potential plan for the season. The team is seeking to find a balance. Manning, who is noted for rarely sitting out even one play in practice, will want to do as much as possible, but he is 36, and coming off multiple neck surgeries that also impacted the nerves in his throwing arm.

The report also notes that there are no restrictions currently imposed on the 36-year-old signal caller in terms of what kinds of throws he can execute in the offense, so this is more about guarding against wear and tear as the team prepares for a long NFL season.

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