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Super Bowl Odds 2012: Denver Broncos At 7/1 According To MGM Family Of Sportsbooks

You'll never believe it, but a switch at quarterback from Tim Tebow to Peyton Manning apparently instilled a lot more confidence in the gamblers of America in regards to the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl chances. Bill Bradwell broke down the odds at the MGM family of sportsbooks on Tuesday at Grantland, and the Broncos rise from afterthought to legitimate contender is perhaps the most startling thing about the story, aside from the sheer bizarreness of the San Francisco 49ers being the betting favorites.

The Broncos opened at 75/1 when the lines were first set for the 2012 NFL season. As training camp nears, Denver boasts 7/1 odds. The teams more popular than the Broncos at the MGM family of sportsbooks are the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers and the aforementioned 49ers, who lead the way with 4/1 odds despite one winning season in the last nine years. According

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