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Manning Family Confident In Peyton's Comeback

The first family of NFL quarterbacks is as eager to see Peyton Manning return to the field as anyone. The Mannings are confident that once the Denver Broncos' new quarterback gets under center, he will be one of the NFL's elite signals callers yet again.

"Peyton is a four-time MVP, a Super Bowl champion," Eli said. "He's coming off an injury, but he's going to be ready to play. ... We're both looking forward to a great season ahead of us."

For Peyton, the biggest hurdle has not been the rehab but instead coming to a new team.

"There's no question it's been a big change, a big switch. It's one I'm trying to adjust to," Peyton said. "There's constantly something to learn, something to adjust to, new players, new teammates, new coaches, new surroundings. So when you're 14 years in one place, you do kind of become institutionalized. ... Everybody keeps saying, `Are you settled yet?' ... I don't think anybody can get settled in a couple of months."

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