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Peyton Manning Buys Denver Area Mansion, Is Doing Pretty Well For Himself

Peyton Manning is getting ready for training camp with the Denver Broncos in a couple of weeks and it looks like he's finally taking the plunge and becoming a resident. On Tuesday, Manning finalized a deal on a modest seven-bedroom mansion in Cherry Hills Village. After-party at Pey-Pey's place, everybody!

Lindsay H. Jones of the Denver Post reports that Manning has settled on a quaint little 16,000 square foot number that ran him a cool $4,575,000. Lest you not thing Manning is a savvy and thrifty shopper, the future Hall of Famer saved a bundle on the joint. The list price was $5.25 million a year ago! Whew! I'm sure we can all relate on how good it feels to save nearly three-quarters of a million dollars on a purchase, am I right?

The house includes separate media and billiard rooms (and that's the only smart way to do it, because every schlub knows that you don't want to mix your media and your billiards. What is this, Chuck E. Cheese's?), an elevator and a safe room. Broncos officials will likely insist that Manning remain in the safe room at any point that he is not actively participating in practices or games, on account of his questionable neck. There is no telling when Forest Whitaker and Jared Leto will break into his house and try to punch him in the neck. It'll probably happen a lot. Best to have the safe room.

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