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Broncos OTAs 2012: Peyton Manning An Excellent Resource For Brock Osweiler

The Denver Broncos are putting their rookies through the paces in team workouts during the offseason, and rookie quarterback Brock Osweiler has had plenty of help in his transition to the NFL. John Elway is certainly someone to talk to, but it all starts with future Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning. Osweiler is watching Manning closely, but he is also picking his spots to ask important questions, as he told Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post:

"If we're on the practice field and see he's in the middle of something or I see he's thinking about something, I'm not just going to run in there and start tossing questions in there. He's got bigger things to worry about," Osweiler said. "But if he's off to the side, grabbing a drink of water or something, every time I've gone up and asked him a question, he's given me a ton of information. I understand the situation I've been put in. It's up to me to get in there and ask the things to make the most of it."

As fans look to the upcoming season, Manning is the key to everything the team hopes to do. In terms of the long-term future, it's up to Osweiler to learn from whatever Manning experiences during the season. Even if he has to step up and ask a few too many questions.

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