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Matt Prater Contract: Kicker, Broncos Have Until July 16 To Reach Multi-Year Deal

The Denver Broncos missed kicker Matt Prater in minicamp this past week due to a holdout. Prater received the franchise tag earlier in the offseason to prevent him from leaving through free agency and the two sides continue to negotiate a long-term deal. But they have about month to work out a deal before Prater would be locked into his $2.6-plus million one-year deal, reports the Denver Post.

July 26 is the first day of practice after training camp opens the previous day. Ten days before that is when we'll know -- if it doesn't happen earlier -- Prater's salary for the season. According to the Denver Post, the Broncos' latest offer would pay him over $3 million per year.

Prater was nails between the 20-39 yard marks and then at 50-plus while he made three-of-seven between 40-49 yards. Several of those 50-plus yard attempts came at crunch time after Tim Tebow led his team down the field but just short of the end zone. With Peyton Manning around, we'll need to see if Prater needs to come up with those big kicks often this fall.

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