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Perrish Cox Trial: Demaryius Thomas, Former Teammate Could Face Civil Lawsuit

Former Denver Broncos cornerback Perrish Cox was acquitted of criminal sexual assault charges by a jury verdict, but now Cox and Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas may face a civil lawsuit from the accuser, as noted by Mike Florio of The woman will be allowed to file her civil suit anonymously in order to protect her identity -- according to -- in a civil complaint for "sexual assault and battery, sexual abuse, unlawful sexual penetration, pregnancy, and other highly sensitive matters."

In a civil trial, the standard of proof is merely a preponderance of the evidence, which theoretically means anything greater than 50% of the evidence in support of the claim is sufficient, so Cox and Thomas could be facing a more difficult case, considering the woman is pregnant with a fetus whose DNA is a match to Cox.

Cox was originally arrested and charged criminally as a rookie during the 2010 season -- when he played in 15 games, starting nine, and amassed 58 tackles and one interception -- and he was released by the Broncos before the end of training camp in 2011.

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