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Jack Del Rio Plans For Peyton Manning's Effect On Broncos Defense

While most have spent the offseason focusing on the effect Peyton Manning will have on the Denver Broncos' offense, coach Jack Del Rio is also prepared for what Manning will mean to his defense. Del Rio joined Evans and Klatt on KKFN in Denver to talk about how Manning's presence alters the defensive strategy of the Broncos. Del Rio said: "Defensively we’ve gotta be able to get people stopped and not let them just run it down the field and control the clock."

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He also added:

With Peyton you’ve gotta be able to play with a lead. And that’s one of the things I think we can do with the strength of our pass rushers. We’ve got — if you looked at the strength of our defense right now it’d be Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil coming off the edges. And we worked hard to fortify the back end a little bit with some of the additions throughout the free agency and draft process. So that should remain a strength.

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