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Denver Broncos Offseason 2012: Ty Warren Does Not Want To Take A Pay Cut

Denver Broncos veteran defensive tackle Ty Warren hasn't been on the field to prove to the organization that he's worth his base salary of $4 million in the 2012 season, so the Broncos have approached Warren, along with Kevin Vickerson about accepting pay cuts.

Vickerson is down with it, because refusing to take the pay cut could very well result in him being released, which means no pay at all. Warren hasn't been so accepting, despite missing the past two seasons due to injury.

According to the Denver Post, Vickerson accepted a deal that drops his salary from $2.25 million to $1.2 million. The Broncos want Warren's salary to drop from $4 million to around $1 million to $1.5 million, according to the Post report.

Both Warren and Vickerson suffered season-ending injuries last season, and the Broncos addressed their needs at defensive tackle over the offseason with the free-agent signing of Justin Bannan and the selection of Derek Wolfe in the NFL Draft, making the two veterans more expendable.

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