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2012 Broncos Minicamp: Brock Osweiler Discusses After Practice

Denver Broncos rookies were at Dove Valley on Friday to take part in practice, and afterward second-round pick QB Brock Osweiler spoke to the media. He discussed his changed point of release:

Osweiler, 6 feet 7, has exhibited a long release due to his height, which has led to issues concerning his accuracy. Hey, doesn't that sound familiar to a former Broncos quarterback?

Anyway, as we all know, Osweiler will play the understudy to Peyton Manning for the next few years, which should be a great learning experience for him. At least for this season, Osweiler will have his locker near Peyton Manning's and next to Brandon Stokley's. Some of that veteraniness should rub off on him.

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