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2012 NFL Draft Grades: ESPN's Todd McShay Tabs Wolfe, Bolden As Broncos Most Interesting Picks

ESPN's Todd McShay is one of the NFL Draft's most prominent analysts, but he didn't hand out any letter grades this year. That said, he did select two standout draft picks from each team, one that he thinks will have the most "impact" and one that he thinks is the most "intriguing." The Denver Broncos were light on picks both at the top of the draft and overall but McShay zeroed in on DT Derek Wolfe and CB Omar Bolden in his 2012 draft grades.

He calls Wolfe the Broncos' impact pick, complimenting Denver for trading back to fill its need at defensive tackle instead of reaching in the first round. McShay sees Wolfe pushing for a starting job this year thanks to his "length, quickness and intensity." Bolden is the most intriguing pick, and McShay believes that he could've been a second round pick as opposed to a fourth had he not missed nearly two entire seasons due to a torn ACL. McShay especially likes that Bolden is able to balance aggression and confidence with the ability to play under control.

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