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Broncos 2012 NFL Draft Grades: SB Nation Gives Denver A "C+"

The Denver Broncos 2012 offseason will eventually be judged on how the Peyton Manning gamble shakes out, but the 2012 draft class is an important piece of the puzzle. The Broncos have a few of the most talented young players in the NFL and, even putting Manning aside, decided to address needs to positions like cornerback and tight end in free agency, and thus leaned more towards the developmental side in this year's draft.

The result, at least as it pertains to a draft grade, is right in the middle of the road, at least according to SB Nation's Joel Thorman. In his NFL draft grades assessment, Thorman gave the Broncos a "C+," mostly thanks to skepticism over whether the Broncos reached in drafting defensive tackle Derek Wolfe and quarterback Brock Osweiler.

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