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Tyler Hansen Winds Up With Bengals After Briefly Believing He Was Headed To Raiders

The Colorado Buffaloes had just two draft picks in total during the 2012 NFL Draft and none of them was quarterback Tyler Hansen. But he didn't need to wait long to sign with an NFL team as an undrafted free agent. It just took an extra 30 minutes or so for him to sort out that he would sign with the Cincinnati Bengals.

NFL Draft Tracker via Sports Illustrated

At first, Hansen believed he would sign with the Oakland Raiders. But 10 minutes later:

Another 10 minutes pass and we're told to hold on because ... he was sorry for "misleading" us all. He was going to be a Bengal. It'll be a tough task for Hansen to make the Bengals roster this summer, but there's no reason he can't stay on the practice squad and eventually work his way into being Andy Dalton's backup.

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