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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Denver Broncos Earn Lowest Grade In AFC West For Day 2 Picks

The first three rounds of the 2012 NFL Draft are in the books, and the crew over as SB Nation You Tube put together some snazzy grades for each division in the NFL. With plenty of surprises and a gaggle of trades there is a lot to break down, so be sure to check out each video.

With regard to the AFC West grades, Kansas City Chiefs earned a "B/B+" for shoring up their offensive line, the San Diego Chargers grabbed an "A" for getting a defensive end and filling a serious need at strong safety. Meanwhile, the Oakland Raiders got a "B" because the guys were willing to ignore the implications of the Carson Palmer trade and merely looked at the team's single pick, while the Denver Broncos came out with the lowest grade (C+) for reaching to get QB Brock Osweiler.

For more on the Broncos, check out Mile High Report. For more on the NFL Draft, stick withSB Nation NFL and Mocking the Draft.