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2012 NFL Draft Grades: Broncos Receive A 'B' From SB Nation's Joel Thorman

In the all too frequent snap-judgments people like to make on things in football, the NFL Draft is no different. Grades for the 2012 NFL Draft are already coming out. Over at SB Nation, NFL editor Joel Thorman has put out his draft grades following Day 2 of the event. He gives the Denver Broncos a 'B' for the three selections the team made:

NFL Draft Tracker via Sports Illustrated

36 seemed a little high for Derek Wolfe. Like the Brock Osweiler pick, considering Manning is 36 years old. Ronnie Hillman will fit into the running back rotation.

OK, so Wolfe might be a reach, but only by a bit, it seems, while the only pick that is really given approval here is Brock Osweiler -- who may or may not actually be a good quarterback. That Hillman "will fit into" the backfield is a type of faint praise that doesn't really say all that much about him. If he can play like Darren Sproles, Hillman will certainly be more than just a guy who fits into a rotation.

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