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2012 NFL Draft: John Elway Says Broncos Can Still Get Players They Targeted At No. 25 Down At No. 36

The Denver Broncos were active in the trade market during Round One of the 2012 NFL Draft, and after moving down twice, executive Vice President of Football Operations John Elway spoke about exactly why the team decided to deal down. The Broncos started on Thursday with the No. 25 selection, but they traded down to No. 31 with the New England Patriots, and then flipped No. 31 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the No. 36 overall pick while also picking up selection No. 126 in the 4th Round.

Elway told the team website that the 2012 Draft Class is "not real thick at the top, but it's pretty deep through the middle rounds." Additional picks will provide the team with flexibility to go after players on their board that slipped into the second round, and Elway added that "we'll still be able to get the same people that we had targeted that made it to us at (pick No.) 25 at (pick No.) 36." In essence, Elway told the website they the team's draft board still looks the same heading into pick No. 36 as it did at No. 25, and that there are several targeted players they believe will still be around in the early second round.

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