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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Greg Cosell Projects TE Coby Fleener To Broncos

The 2012 NFL Draft is just two days away, which means everyone is out there making their final mock draft based on the latest rumors that have crept out. Or, if you are Greg Cosell, you are making your first mock draft -- possibly ever. Cosell decided to base his first ever mock draft on his film study of the players (and that leads him to giving the Indianapolis Colts Robert Griffin III at No. 1 overall). For the Broncos, Cosell provides them with Stanford Cardinal tight end Coby Fleener:

NFL Draft Tracker via Sports Illustrated

Fleener is a more athletic Dallas Clark, a tight end that can align all over the formation and get down the vertical seam. Seam routes off play action are critical in the Manning offense, and Fleener is a fluid route runner with deceptive speed. [...] His ability to beat linebackers, safeties and even corners at times will give the Broncos offense the extra dimension Manning desires.

The Broncos at one point had been connected with Dallas Clark, shortly after Peyton Manning signed with the team. However, the front office went with signing Joel Dreessen and Jacob Tamme. While that might seem to preclude a tight end early on, the Broncos certainly won't shy away from taking Fleener if he is the top player on the team's board when pick No. 25 comes up on Tuesday.

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