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Lose An NFL Playbook? Eh, It'll Be Remotely Wiped These Days

The Denver Broncos are the third team in the N.F.L. to transition from a printed playbook to a digital medium, reports the Denver Post. They join the Baltimore Ravens and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to use the iPad to plan for each week's game. Yay for no longer having to carry around a 500-page playbook each!

And don't worry about anyone losing it, somehow allowing their opponents' well-placed spies (the N.F.L. is always in a state of cold war between its teams, right?) to nab the missing iPad. The Broncos will have the iPad remotely wiped if that happens. Ooh, and there's a "time bomb" function that's also built into these iPads. Oh, the iPad itself doesn't explode? Drats. Well, at least the playbook will be deleted if the network connection is lost.

As for the advantages of this move, it really is far easier to bring the playbook home each night. Plus, the ability to watch video on them will be a great one.