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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Wes Bunting Projects Devon Still To Broncos

Predicting NFL draft choices is a fool's errand. One can look great if those predictions come true, but the way in which people keep producing mock drafts after mock drafts makes it all a waste of time. But that's beside the point. People love mock rafts. Over at National Football Post, Wes Bunting takes another stab at determining who will wind up where on April 26. For the Denver Broncos, Penn St. Nittany Lions defensive tackle Devon Still is the choice:

NFL Draft Tracker via Sports Illustrated

He’s not the most dynamic of pass rushers. However, he’s a big, strong kid with a good get off, long set of arms and knows how to play the run. He’s a potential anchor inside who can push the pocket and give the Broncos a guy they can win with inside.

The Broncos don't need Still to be a dynamic pass rusher since they already have Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller to take care of that. What they do need is a big body in the middle of the line, which Still can provide. With defensive tackle being a position of need and of questionable depth, adding Still would be a great move for the team.

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