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Broncos Offseason 2012: Peyton Manning, Broncos Hold Press Conference After First OTAs

The Denver Broncos kicked off the 2012 offseason with Monday's OTAs, followed by a press conference featuring Peyton Manning.

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Denver Broncos fans got a chance to see their new starting quarterback, Peyton Manning, in Broncos gear for the first time in his career on Monday. The 14-year NFL veteran and several other key players participated in a press conference following the first of their offseason OTAs, offering some insights on the offseason process, while also featuring a Bronco'd Manning:

The Broncos may not be done in the free agency market. The team is reportedly interested in Manning's former target with the Indianapolis Colts, WR Brandon Strokely, and acquisition Manning certainly does not seem to appose:

Manning also addressed various other topics, including the challenge of a new organization and the dynamic WR Eric Decker:

All-pro CB Champ Bailey also added some colorful thoughts about his new teammate:

The Broncos continue the 2012 NFL Offseason with the NFL Draft, which begins on April 26.

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