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2012 NFL Draft: John Elway, John Fox To Attend Oklahoma State's Pro Day

The Denver Broncos are certainly a hot topic in the football world these days, mostly a result of their reported interest in free agent quarterback Peyton Manning. But that interest can't blind them to the realities of possibly not signing the quarterback. So, on Friday John Elway and John Fox will be in Stillwater, OK, to attend the Oklahoma St. Cowboys pro day, reports's Andrew Mason.

The main reason Elway and Fox are attending this one, it appears, is to scout quarterback Brandon Weeden, a 28-soon-to-be-29-year-old former minor league baseball player. While his age might turn some teams off, Weeden is often mentioned as one of the more pro-ready quarterbacks available in this draft. He is most likely going to be a second-round selection, but a team such as the Broncos could grab him with the No. 25 overall pick (the same slot Tim Tebow was taken two years ago).

Clearly, the Broncos, despite public announcements of Tebow being the quarterback entering camp, aren't sold on Tebow being the quarterback for the 2012 season and beyond. John Elway might be looking for a quarterback who plays the more traditional role than the one Tebow does. And with reports of the Broncos "desperately" wanting Manning, we are certainly in for a crazy few days.

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