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VIDEO: Where Will Peyton Manning Wind Up?

Over at the new SB Nation YouTube, Dan Rubenstein and Brad Wells discuss where Peyton Manning will wind up now that he has been released by the Indianapolis Colts. And we get more of the Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos narrative:

Yes, John Elway is not sold on Tim Tebow as the quarterback for his franchise. Yes, John Elway probably sees Peyton Manning as a possible solution to that situation. Yes, it makes some sense for the Broncos to pursue Manning. But in the end, it may never happen. And "gut feelings" will be proven wrong. And notice the glee in announcing that gut feeling. It is as though, "Oh my God, look at what a circus that Broncos team is going to be like."

If it happens, it happens. And it is going to be a circus. But let's not make this out to be something that must and will happen. The Fates likely have a different direction for Peyton Manning?